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"We just love your eScapes. Great music and wonderful places. I feel like we are on vacation sometimes. Also very relaxing. We listen to this several times a day. Great choices. Thank you."
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"I listen/watch eScapes at home all the time and love it!"
Mark B.
Toledo, OH

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What is the eScapes Network?

The eScapes Network provides Relaxation Television 24/7 from 100% originally produced content with a unique entertainment concept that combines the voice and soothing music of radio with visually stunning high definition videos from around the globe. eScapes' programming is designed to create an immersive space for a viewer's mind, body and soul. By providing a therapeutic mental break from the chaos and stress of everyday life, eScapes is a sophisticated companion to everyday activities even when traditional television is not appropriate. Our programming, “Television you never want to turn off ™," transforms nearly any setting into stress-reducing zones.

The eScapes broadcast day is divided into five parts and each hour of the programming contains four intriguing episodes uninterrupted by commercials. Each one is a single subject from great cities and harbors of the world, lighthouses, scenic earth vistas, ship watching, along with six other categories. More video subject categories are added every year.

eScapes is available on Galaxy 16 satellite, Transponder 5. For more information, please contact us.

eScapes Network LLC
25 S. Monroe St., Suite 200
Monroe, MI 48161

phone: 734.241.4410
fax: 734.241.4416

To send an e-mail, please fill out the online form below. We are especially interested in your thoughts about eScapes scenes and music: Do you know of a great place for us to shoot? What music would you like to hear? Do you have any stories about visits to places featured in our segments? How do you use eScapes? We love to hear from you. Also, feel free to stay in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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