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I absolutely love your station! I watch it on Buckeye Cable and it's probably my second most watched program. Sports programing would be #1, but even that is quite often just background noise for whatever I'm doing. If my TV isn't on sports, it's on eScapes. I truly hope things are going well for you and you are adding to the cable systems that use you.

Willie G.
Holland, OH

‎The eScapes Network is my new favorite channel. It's a vacation in my own home.

Frank C.
via Facebook

I just wanted to say thank you for such a great program. I love to watch all the beautiful scenery & listen to the relaxing music.

via e-mail

I just found you online, can't believe I haven’t found you before this. This is 200% me, the music is what I love and I had to get XM to get this type of music. The photos are so perfect, eScapes is perfect for me. This type of music is so soothing.

Mark G.
Monmouth, IL

I love it. Awesome views and good music.

Massillon Cable Survey
Male, 46-55 years

What good fortune I had to have read the feature article in a recent "Toledo Blade"....I may, otherwise, have never found your delightful program! Thank you for your excellent programming.

Chuck R.
Toledo, OH

I turn eScapes on when I want something in the background or just want to relax. The scenery is great.

Massillon Cable Survey
Male, 56+ years

Your station is an excellent change of pace station rather than most of the inane programming on other channels. I like the smooth jazz and pastoral videos. Thank you for "listening."

Walter V.
Fresno, CA

eScapes is very relaxing. Great for background music while reading a book or viewing to relax with after a stressful day.

Massillon Cable Survey
Male, 46-55 years

Thoroughly enjoy the scenery & music on eScapes, so pleasant.

Sarah S.
Fresno, CA

Just a note to say, NEAT CHANNEL and NEAT CONCEPT! Caught it for the first time on a Friday night after a long week, and it was perfect relaxing as visitors came-over.

Jim C.
Ionia, MI

Thank you so much for the scenes of the Orleans Cathedral. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy your programming. I watch every day! Your program makes me happy!

Barbara G.
Sandusky, OH

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