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A friend told me of your show last spring and my husband and I love it. We tune in several times a day to see where you are. It is very relaxing and takes our minds off all the crazy things going on today. We have seen a few places that we have already been and a lot of places we will try and visit. Keep up the good work. Love to wind down at night with a few scenes from eScapes....

Wooster, OH

I watch your channel fifty percent of the day, if not more.

Fresno, CA

Just wanted to let you know that you have the best programing on TV period...thanks enjoy your great idea.

Mike P.
Temperance, MI

I enjoy eScapes on a daily basis.

Sarah S.
Fresno, CA

First let me say that eScapes is fast becoming my favorite channel on TV. I love it. I really like the pop music you have been playing instead of a steady diet of progressive jazz. Thanks for that too.

Tim P.
Canton, OH

I just found your channel on my FTA satellite receiver and haven't been able to turn it off! It's awesome. I love seeing all the lighthouses on Lake Michigan. Keep up the quality TV!

John B.
Clinton, IL

LOVE your channel. Thanks for helping with the relaxation!

Denise A.
Sylvania, OH

I thought I should let you know that I love your channel and I feel that it has been spectacular lately with the new selection of music and scenes. It was good before but you guys have really outdone yourselves.

Toledo, OH

Absolutely love your channel and Johnny Williams! Keep up the great work eScapes!

Jesse D.
Canton, OH

My husband and I listen to eScapes often. We very much enjoy your programing and musical mix.

Luann C.
Perrysburg, OH

Just wanted to say I enjoyed your segment on the Eiffel tower, in Paris, France. I've never been to Paris but I feel I am getting to know it well thanks to eScapes. Please keep the good work and I will keep watching.

Marshall P.
Toledo, OH

Saw a beautiful drive through a California forest this morning it was wonderful, just like being in the car we LOVED it so more please!! Thank you for such a wonderful station I am a reader and the music is fantastic and when I look up there is always something wonderful to see My husband loves it also. Thank you, again.

Massillon, OH

I want to thank eScapes for being there for me during a healing time in my life. One year ago, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I had nine weeks of sleepless nights after surgery. You were my companion every night and aided in my recovery. I am now a one year survivor!

Marcia Z.
Toledo, OH

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