Santa Monica Pier, California

Santa Monica Pier

featuring Pieces of a Dream's "Tonight's the Night"

The Santa Monica Pier, just west of Los Angeles, has a long and fascinating history. Built in 1909 to carry sewer pipes out to sea, the pier became a recreation destination and was quickly expanded and developed by entrepreneurs. In the last century, the pier and its harbor have been home to several amusement parks, restaurants, a ballroom, a cruise ship, an illegal mob casino yacht, and the “Muscle Beach” of Jack LaLanne and Joe Gold.

Today, four million tourists each year travel to the Santa Monica Pier, which now includes the Pacific Park amusement park, an aquarium, restaurants, and many street performers and artists. Away from the electricity and excitement of the pier, the nearby beach offers fantastic relaxing sunsets over the ocean, as seen in this video.

Pieces of a Dream formed as a trio in Philadelphia in 1976, rising to fame with the help of saxophone great Grover Washington, Jr. The band draws its name from Pieces of Dreams, a 70s jazz piece the band covered regularly. Now a duo, but still a thriving jazz act with R&B and funk influences, Pieces of a Dream has released more than a dozen albums.


Santa Monica Pier
Pacific Park: The Family Amusement Park on the Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Tourism Board
Pieces of a Dream

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