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eScapes Produces 500th Episode

Seattle ship

Very few television programs ever achieve such a milestone. The classic TV series Bonanza ran from 1959 to 1973 and didn’t do it. M.A.S.H. ran for eleven years on network television and didn’t even come close to it. In fact, it took The Simpsons 25 years to accomplish what the eScapes Network has done in a little less than six months.

And what is “it”? The 500th produced episode.

Granted, the eScapes Network does not have the logistical burdens of scripted programming– actors, sets, script revisions, and the like– but just as its network cousins, eScapes is highly dependent on locations.

In fact, that’s what the eScapes Network is all about… locations.

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A sample of eScapes’ 500th episode. Click here for more information on this scene.

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