Seattle Waterfront

Seattle (Elliott Bay Waterfront)

featuring Cindy Bradley's "Swing Set"

In this eScapes video– a sample of our 500th completed episode— we take you to the waterfront of Seattle, Washington. This harbor in Puget Sound’s Elliott Bay was a center of activity in the late 1800s and early 1900s, when these piers were used by foreign traders and gold-seekers heading to Alaska.

As Seattle’s shipping industry modernized during and after World War II, many old piers were functionally replaced by larger ports with better machinery. Today, Pier 57, featured in this scene, is home to a number of shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions, including a hand-carved carousel that is one of the oldest in North America. Those seeking a more relaxing time can sit and watch the water, or take a recreational boat ride in the harbor.

Cindy Bradley is an award-winning jazz trumpeteer. She has toured the world as both a band sidewoman and as a solo artist. With two albums released since her solo debut in 2009, Bradley has become a rising presence on contemporary jazz radio and in the jazz festival circuit.


Miners Landing – Pier 57 Seattle Visiting Seattle
Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau
Cindy Bradley Official Website

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