The Kremlin, Moscow

Moscow (Red Square at Night)

featuring Herbie Russ' "Paint the Sky"

For centuries, the city of Moscow has been a seat of political influence and a focus of global attention. In the heart of Moscow lies the historic Red Square, lined with dazzling government buildings that have survived the test of time– as well as occasional war and unrest. Some of the sights here include the State Historical Museum, the St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the fortified Kremlin compound, which was originally protected by little more than a wooden fence.

Ironically, the term “Red Square” does not refer to the color of the buildings or from the square’s history as a communist capital. The name comes from the Old Russian word krasnaya, which used to mean “beautiful.” However, the word has evolved over time and is now more often associated with the color “red.”

Herbie Russ is a Michigan native and an accomplished saxophonist, keyboardist, vocalist, producer, and songwriter. His melodic style combines smooth jazz, urban contemporary, and pop music, and his performances can often be seen across Michigan and beyond.


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