Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

featuring Chris Botti's "Drive Time"

Columbus, the capital and largest city of Ohio, is one of the healthiest economic and cultural centers in the United States. A scenic cityscape, service-based economy, and wide assortment of cultural attractions makes the city one of the nation’s best places to work, play, or visit.

This eScapes video features a scenic view of the Columbus skyline from across the Scioto River, including the striking art deco LeVeque Tower. Legend has it that the tower was built to be exactly one foot taller than the Washington Monument– though promoted as such, modern measurements show the difference to be less than one inch.

Other landmarks in this scene include the stainless steel gavel outside the Ohio Supreme Court Building, the progressive Short North neighborhood, and the Ohio State University campus near the Lane Avenue Bridge.

Chris Botti is a contemporary jazz trumpeter who has become one of the top-selling instrumental artists of the 21st century. His performances blend pop, jazz, and classical music– resulting in a style that reaches beyond only jazz audiences.


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