Warsaw, Poland at Night

Warsaw, Poland

featuring Fourplay's "Eastbound 101"

Situated between Germany and Russia, Poland saw more than its share of turmoil and warfare during the 20th century. Warsaw– Poland’s capital and largest city– was especially stricken. During World War II, the German army methodically demolished about 85% of the city in retaliation for a strong-willed resistance to Nazi occupation. After the war, the people of Poland rebuilt Warsaw, even recreating its historic buildings.

Warsaw is now experiencing unprecedented economic prosperity. This eScapes scene highlights the city’s nightlife. A prominent landmark featured in this video is the curved Złote Tarasy– a shopping center, entertainment venue, and office building. The high view of the city is taken from the Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science, a Stalinist skyscraper that towers over the city and a remnant of the Soviet regime that long occupied the country after World War II.

Fourplay is a jazz “supergroup” formed in 1990. Permanently featuring jazz keyboard legend Bob James, bassist Nathan East, and drummer Harvey Mason, the group has also included prominent guitarists Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour, and Chuck Loeb (currently active). Fourplay is the only musical group ever to be recognized with a Congressional Record from the the United States Congress.


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