Kendall Bell, Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma

featuring Gota's "In the City Life"

Tusla– Oklahoma’s second-largest city– has long been a hub on the oil industry, but is now transitioning to a service-based economy with an emphasis on culture.

This eScapes tour of Tulsa begins with a relaxing view of the clouds drifting over the University of Tulsa’s Bayless Plaza. Bayless Plaza, a landscaped gathering place in the middle of the university campus, houses the historic Kendall Bell, traditionally rung by graduating students at the completion of their final exams.

Gota (full name Gota Yashiki) is a jazz and pop percussionist, vocalist, and producer. Before his solo debut, he worked with artists including Seal and Sinead O’Connor. Today, Gota still collaborates with other artists often, but is an accomplished solo musician with several charting albums and successful production projects.


Tulsa Convention & Visitors Bureau
University of Tulsa
Wikipedia article: Tulsa, Oklahoma
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