Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park

featuring Tim Bowman's "Heart and Soul"

Zion National Park, the largest of Utah’s five national parks, was once largely covered with a shallow sea. Sediments from this sea cemented into limestone, mudstones, and sandstones that can now be seen everywhere in what is now a desert environment. Millions of years of uplifting have raised huge blocks of land far above sea level, resulting in the stunning cliffs that have become a signature of the park.

The scenic landscape is also home to other unique landforms such as natural freestanding arches. In some spots, opaque rivers full of sediment cut through the rock, providing stunning venues for wading along the park’s many hiking paths.

Tim Bowman is a jazz guitarist who pulls from many influences including gospel, blues, and R&B. A Detroit native, Bowman’s solo albums have demonstrated his ability as a musician and songwriter and have placed at the top of contemporary jazz charts.


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