Feather River Canyon, California

Feather River Canyon

featuring Brian Hughes' "Smile"

The Feather River Canyon is a popular scenic driving route in Plumas County, California. A few sights along this route are particularly famous. One of them, featured in this video, is the intersection of the Tobin bridges over the Feather River. The upper bridge carries trains over the lower bridge, which carries automobile traffic.

This location can be especially breathtaking as trains pass through the canyon. Even when they don’t, the interaction of this evergreen landscape, rushing river, and criss-crossing bridges can be a beautiful and relaxing scene in itself, as evidenced by this video.

Brian Hughes is a contemporary jazz guitarist. He has released several albums since the 1990s and been a frequent accompanist and sideman for various artists, most notably Loreena McKennitt. His style blends smooth jazz and world music, especially Latin music.


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