St. Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg, Russia

featuring Keiko Matsui's "The Morning Moon"

Like many Eastern European countries, St. Petersburg struggled for much of the 20th century (mostly while known as Petrograd or Leningrad). It witnessed most of the Russian Revolution in the early part of the century and went on to be devastated by a lengthy Nazi siege during World War II. After the war, the city continued to struggle under the stress of political and economic forces.

Still, St. Petersburg is a beautiful city with a unique skyline and many historical and architectural sights. One of the most distinctive, featured in this video, is the spire of the the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the oldest landmark in the city and the resting place of nearly all Russia’s emperors. Also seen in this video is the yellowish State Russian Museum and the courtyard of the Kazan Cathedral.

Keiko Matsui is a pianist, composer, and producer. She has traveled the world with her talents as she combines the genres of smooth jazz, classical, new age, world music, and more.


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