Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City Fountains

featuring Ken Navarro's "Language of Peace"

Kansas City, Missouri is known for barbecue, jazz, blues, and its fountains. Sometimes called “The City of Fountains,” Kansas City has hundreds of fountains. In fact, only Rome has more. Most of Kansas City’s fountains have unique sculptures in or around them. Some of them are over 300 years old!

The variety and frequency of these landmarks offer ample opportunities to take a mental break from the stresses of metropolitan life. Today, the fountains are appreciated for their beauty, but when they first were built, they served a practical purpose. The Humane Society created them to supply clean water to animals, including the 70,000 horses that lived in the city during the early 1900s.

Ken Navarro is an award-winning contemporary jazz guitarist. His impressive discography of nineteen top charting albums showcases his appeal to a wide range of listeners with inspiring compositions and superb guitar performances.


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