Château de Beynac, France

Château de Beynac, France

featuring Cindy Bradley's "Before I Go"

There are many villages along the Dordogne River and many castles in the former Périgord province of France, but the Château de Beynac is one of the most impressive. Perched on a cliff over the river, this château was first built in the 12th century and continuously upgraded and strengthened over the centuries by different owners.

In addition to the fortress’ obvious external defenses, the interior of the castle is designed for defense as well, with features like narrow stairways that only allow visitors to ascend in single-file.

In modern times, the château is open to visitors and kept in a similar state to how it was in medieval times.

Cindy Bradley is an award-winning jazz trumpeter. She has toured the world as both a band sidewoman and as a solo artist. With two albums released since her solo debut in 2009, Bradley has become a rising presence on contemporary jazz radio and in the jazz festival circuit.


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