Columbia River Trainwatching

Columbia River Trainwatching

featuring Nestor Torres' "Hero"

Near the city of Stevenson, Washington (population 1,465), train enthusiasts can catch magnificent views of freight moving along the edges of the scenic Columbia River Gorge.

The first railroad in this area might not have appealed to even the most devoted trainwatcher: it was nothing more than a track for a wagon, pulled my a mule, to portage cargo around some of the river’s rapids. Today, the Columbia River Gorge is a major commercial rail route through the Cascade Mountains, where a passing train is often the perfect complement to a dramatic natural landscape.

Nestor Torres is a versatile flutist who crosses the genres of jazz, pop, classical, and Latin music. He has toured with mostly Latin artists since 1981 and recorded thirteen CDs to date. Torres also plays at jazz festivals and with symphonies worldwide, and is frequently honored at the Latin Grammys.


A History of Central Oregon’s Industrial Period
The Columbia River: Railroads and Trains
City of Stevenson, Washington
Nestor Torres Official Site

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