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This is by far the best station I have ever come across. Having this on simply makes me feel amazingly happy, peaceful and totally relaxed. I wish there were a radio station with this awesome music playing 24/7. And the scenery is awesome. THANK YOU!; It occurred to me that this should be a station available to people in hospitals, hospice facilities, and so many more places where people are in stressful situations. Beautiful!

Mary R.
via e-mail

An innovative, inspiring new approach to media connection with the public. Keep up this excellent programming. Thank You.

William W.
Perrysburg, OH

I recently discovered your program on Buckeye Cable and am delighted. I enjoy it at home instead of the radio. We are trying to get it in our cancer center for the waiting room. Do you have online streaming? Thanks and keep up the superb quality of photography and music.

Joyce V.
Sylvania, OH

I would just like to say first that my wife and I LOVE your eScapes channel. The music is so relaxing and the videos and amazing and breath-taking. I never even knew about this well, thanks for your time and thanks for your relaxing channel. Your hearing from your newest fans :) channel until I was flipping around and stumbled upon it. Now my wife and I are always watching/listening. It is really addictive!! Each time we watch we see new and interesting video. Have a great day!!!

Mitchell P.
via e-mail

We are really excited about bringing eScapes to our customers at Frankfort Plant Board Cable. We have received positive feedback and solid viewership numbers on the network thus far. We also look forward to filming some footage around Frankfort to be used in a future eScapes segment.

Harvey Couch
Marketing and Video Content Coordinator
Frankfort Plant Board Cable

My family and I love watching/listening to eScapes TV. It is a great way to wind-down after a busy day. Thanks for giving us the chance to see the world from our living room!

Julie B.
Toledo, OH

Just want to let you know I think eScapes is a great relaxing way to unwind to beautiful scenes and soothing music. A great way to feel like you are on a vacation and escaping. Thanks for the beautiful photography and music!! Keep up the good work! Love it !

Nancy L.
via e-mail

I never write to any TV or radio stations, but in your case, I must make an exception. eScapes is one of the best ideas for a TV channel that I've ever seen! I pay Comcast $260/month for a fully loaded HD cable package and I find myself spending more time on eScapes than on anything I have on cable. I've been a smooth jazz aficionado since the early 1970's and I have to say your choice of music, combined with superb on-air personalities and beautiful vistas is just about impossible to turn off. I've been telling all my friends about your channel and everyone wants it. When I have friends over, I keep your channel on throughout the house and get nothing but rave reviews. They're all asking if your channel will appear on Comcast in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area. I hope one day it will. Keep up the great work and you know where my big satellite dish will be tuned!

Jerry C.
Portland, OR

What a great idea for a television channel. I love it. Just by looking at the pictures, I already feel relaxed. Kind of like a mini vacation for workaholics.

Amy F.
via Facebook

Since our cable company added eScapes to the lineup, that's what I have on the TV all day long for background music/scenery. No more plain XM! Obviously I'm loving it. Thanks again for a wonderful TV choice.

Lynn B.

I really enjoy the eScapes network! We even have it on sometimes at night to sleep to. We have get-togethers with family and friends around the holidays and usually have a local radio station on in the background that plays holiday music 24/7...from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day. This year I thought we'd have eScapes on instead, not only for the audio, but for the visual effect as well.


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