Alpena on St. Marys River

The Great Lakes freighter Alpena was launched as the Leon Fraser in 1942, carrying iron ore across the Great Lakes. In 1989, the ship was converted to a self-unloading cement carrier and shortly afterward was renamed the Alpena, after the hometown of its fleet, Inland Lakes Transportation.

In this eScapes video, the 519-foot Alpena moves downbound the St. Marys River near Sault Ste. Marie. The waterfront buildings and distant wind turbines of Ontario can be seen in the background.

Peter White is an English smooth jazz guitarist who played with several artists, including a 20-year span as accompanist and writer for Al Stewart, before launching a solo career in 1990. With several Top 10 jazz albums under his belt, White is a frequent winner of the National Smooth Jazz Award for Best Guitarist.


Alpena on
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