Belize (Coast with Mangroves)

This mangrove-covered beach might not be the best place to lie down under the sun, but the unique view is relaxing in its own way. Belize’s mangroves protect the small country’s coastline from tidal erosion, as do the many coral reefs offshore.

Natural sights like these (most of Belize is covered by forests) have become part of a new ecotourism industry that is steadily growing and supplementing Belize’s traditional agricultural economy.

Brian Hughes is a contemporary jazz guitarist. He has released several albums since the 1990s and been a frequent accompanist and sideman for various artists, most notably Loreena McKennitt. His style blends smooth jazz and world music, especially Latin music.


Belize Tourism Board
Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Mangrove Action Project (Conservation Project)
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