Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany, damaged physically and culturally by war for most of the 20th century, has entered the 21st century a thriving capital and one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. The cultural transformation of Berlin is reflected in this scene’s view of the Bebelplatz, the plaza in front of the Humboldt University. Once used a stage for Nazi book burning, the plaza now hosts events such as the Mercedes-Benz-sponsored Berlin Fashion Week.

Other Berlin landmarks visible in this sample video include the Reichstag and government buildings of the German legislature, the Bundestag; the statue of Frederick the Great, a former King of Prussia; and Jonathan Borofsky’s “Molecule Man” sculpture, which has twins in Los Angeles and Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Brian Bromberg is a contemporary jazz bassist, composer, and producer. He has performed or recorded with countless jazz artists, including most of the genre’s major stars. Equally noteworthy as a solo artist, Bromberg has released seventeen albums and is recognized as one of the world’s elite bass players.


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