Chester, England

Founded as a Roman fort in the first century, Chester, England now blends its historic atmosphere with modern attractions and luxuries.

Nicknamed “the walled city” for the two miles of stone walls around it, Chester has made a conscious effort to preserve its heritage. History is reflected around every turn: in medieval buildings and cathedrals and in street names like “Eastgate” and “Foregate” that hark back to the city’s origins.

A relatively recent addition to the city is the Eastgate Clock, built in 1899 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. The second-most photographed clock in the United Kingdom (after Big Ben), the clock is a tourist attraction and a worthy complement to the Victorian-era timber-frame buildings common in the town.

Tourists are also attracted to the city’s famous Rows, a series of retail shops nestled within historic buildings, some of which can be seen in this eScapes scene.

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