Columbia River Gorge Moonrise

To mark today’s Lunar New Year, eScapes brings you a peaceful “moonrise” over the tranquil Columbia River. The actual moonrise on a Lunar New Year isn’t quite as dramatic– the Lunar New Year always falls on the new moon.

The Lunar New Year is important to many eastern cultures and traditions that use lunar or lunisolar calendars instead of the Gregorian calendar. The most widely known tradition tied to the Lunar New Year is the Chinese New Year, which today celebrates the beginning of the Year of the Dragon.

This eScapes video brings you the beauty of the moon with the terrestrial beauty of the Columbia River Gorge. Separating Washington and Oregon, this gorge is one of the most scenic areas in the United States and the perfect place for a relaxing evening hike or boat ride.

John Tesh is a composer and instrumentalist also known for his work on radio and television. Tesh left his long television career, best known for his seat on Entertainment Tonight, to pursue music in 1996. Since then, he has been a force in the classical, new age, and worship music genres and has gained even more recognition as the host of the nationally-syndicated John Tesh Radio Show in which he blends music with lifestyle advice and tips.


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