Dubai, United Arab Emirates

At night, Dubai might be a spectacle of exciting nightlife, but early in the day, the desert city moves a calmer, more relaxing pace. As the sun rises over the Persian Gulf, there’s a clear contrast between the modern skyscrapers of downtown Dubai and the quiet desert on the outskirts.

One of the unique sights of Dubai– seen in this video– is the great number of auras— traditional wooden water taxis that ferry locals and tourists across the Dubai Creek. An interesting feature of these boats is their rustic steering method: many are guided by a simple wooden rudder controlled by ropes and pulleys.

Nils is a Munich-born guitarist, producer, and composer. Though most comfortable playing R&B and pop material, Nils has been adopted by the smooth jazz format. His stylistic diversity is evident in his numerous solo albums and compositions. Nils is also passionate about teaching young guitarists.


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