Galveston Shipwatching

Galveston Island has always had a great connection to the sea. First settled with Europeans in 1817– by Jean Lafitte, a pirate– Galveston quickly became an important port city. The largest city in Texas, it was the busiest port west of New Orleans and a quickly growing cultural capital.

Unfortunately, wealth and activity were not the only things the sea brought to Galveston. In 1900, it was hit by “The Great Storm,” a hurricane that to this day is the most deadly natural disaster in American history. One third of the city was destroyed and shortly afterwards, its role as a major port was taken over by Houston.

Today, Galveston has rebounded and refreshed itself with new investment and is now a center for tourism and service industries. The sea remains important to the city’s culture; Galveston is home to the Texas Seaport Museum and is the number one cruise ship port on the Gulf Coast.

Amaury Figueredo, often known as “Amaury the Pianist,” is a Cuban-born, classically trained pianist with degree from the Humber Jazz Music Program. Often heard rearranging classics in his own style, Amaury is also a writer and producer. He currently performs throughout North America.


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