Karukinka Natural Park, Chile

On the Chilean part of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago lies the Karukinka Natural Park, offering more than 700,000 acres of untouched wilderness. The park’s private ownership and relative inaccessibility, along with proactive conservation efforts, have kept this area a pristine and therapeutic getaway for nature enthusiasts.

The careful stewardship of this land is especially noteworthy given its history. When an American company bought the land in the 1990s, it was for logging purposes. After those plans were spoiled by environmental group opposition, the land was bundled with other assets and sold to investment giant Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs eventually donated the land to the Wildlife Conservation Society, a New York-based nonprofit.

This eScapes video shows just a few of the beautiful spots inside this Patagonian park. Recently, the park has become more open to ecotourism and the addition of more hiking trails is scheduled for this year.

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