Las Vegas (Cityscape with Mountains)

It may be Friday the 13th, but eScapes invites you to feel lucky anyway, with a virtual trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas originated as little more than a spot to switch trains on the journey west. Today, tourists from all over the world are drawn to the city for its bright lights, resorts, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

This eScapes video offers a distant view of the city, including the Spring Mountains just beyond the city limits. While the modern cityscape, completely divorced from its past, is the reason why Las Vegas is popular today, the rugged mountains and surrounding desert are reminders of why the city became popular in the first place.

Nick Colionne is a jazz guitarist and vocalist. His unique combination of jazz, funk, R&B, blues, and soul has garnered him praise across the industry and has driven several of his recordings to become Top 10 hits. Not only passionate for music, Colionne mentors children, is active in the breast cancer causes, and is known to some as “the best-dressed man in jazz.”


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