Rainy streets of Kansas City

Kansas City Rainstorm

featuring Peter White's "What's Going On"

Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri and a state economic and cultural capital. This is reflected in the buildings of the downtown area. Prominent in the cityscape and featured in this eScapes video are the oblong headquarters of H&R Block and the historic Mainstreet Theater.

Kansas City sits at the edge of the “Tornado Alley” of the United States. Though tornadoes in the city have been uncommon, it often experiences severe weather such as ice storms and flooding. However, less extreme storms like the one in this scene provide beautiful views of glistening city streets and dazzling lightning displays.

Peter White is an English smooth jazz guitarist who played with several artists, including a 20-year span as accompanist and writer for Al Stewart, before launching a solo career in 1990. With several Top 10 jazz albums under his belt, White is a frequent winner of the National Smooth Jazz Award for Best Guitarist.


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