Black River, Wisconsin

Black River, Wisconsin

featuring Cindy Bradley's "Catch the Wind"

Wisconsin’s Black River begins at the Minnesota border and winds through northwestern corner of the state, joining with the Nemadji River and entering Lake Superior.

The scenery of the Black River is at its best as it passes through Pattison State Park, thirteen miles south of the city of Superior. The river’s tranquility is eventually broken by the dramatic Big Manitou Falls– Wisconsin’s tallest waterfall– farther downstream.

The Black River gets its name from the dark color of the water. This “root beer” color comes from decomposing organic matter from the forest. A similar phenomenon can be seen at Michigan’s famous Tahquamenon Falls.

Cindy Bradley is an award-winning jazz trumpeter. She has toured the world as both a band sidewoman and as a solo artist. With two albums released since her solo debut in 2009, Bradley has become a rising presence on contemporary jazz radio and in the jazz festival circuit.


Pattison State Park
Wisconsin Department of Tourism: Pattison State Park
Cindy Bradley Official Site

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