St. Anthony Falls Waterfront, Minneapolis

St. Anthony Falls, Minneapolis

featuring Chris Standring's "As Luck Would Have It"

One of the only waterfalls on the Mississippi River, St. Anthony Falls offers more than a scenic outlook and relaxing ambience. The entire city of Minneapolis was built around the power of the falls, both literally and figuratively. Early entrepreneurs used the falls to power saw and flour mills, which attracted more settlers and led to the creation of the city. At the turn of the century, Minneapolis led the United States in flour production.

By the mid-20th century, however, the flour boom was over and Minneapolis’ position had been lost as new power sources and transportation methods developed and Western crops suffered. Today, a hydroelectric plant still draws power from the falls, but the mills are closed. In the historical riverfront district, visitors can visit the ruins of the mills: one has become the Mill City Museum and one has even been preserved as a city park.

Chris Standring is a jazz guitarist who has distinguished himself in the contemporary jazz realm with adventurous, lyrical compositions leavened with pure-pop perfection, dazzling guitar solos and thick beats. Though predominately influenced by jazz, Standring has expanded his sound with rock, blues, R&B and electronic elements.


St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board
National Park Service: St. Anthony Falls
Mill City Museum
Chris Standring Official Site

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