Cathedral of Arequipa, Peru

Cathedral of Arequipa, Peru

featuring Doc Powell's "Let Go"

The Cathedral of Arequipa, Peru illustrates the natural setting of Peru along the world’s “Ring of Fire,” the belt around the Pacific Ocean known for its high frequency of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Peru, affected by the Nazca Plate under the Pacific Ocean subjecting beneath the South American plate, lies in an active volcanic zone and experiences frequent earthquakes.

This beautiful cathedral was first built in 1540, from sillar, a white volcanic rock common in the area. However, in 1583, it was completely destroyed by an earthquake. The cathedral was rebuilt by 1600 only to be completely destroyed by 1604 by both an earthquake and a volcanic eruption. Since its second rebuilding in 1656, the church has been damaged numerous times by earthquakes and continuously repaired and rebuilt. The towers of the cathedral, especially, have been frequent victims to the earth’s forces.

Still standing, more solidly than ever, and still made of sillier, the cathedral is the focal point of Arequipa’s Plaza de Armas (city square) and an attraction to the 200,000 tourists the city receives each year.

Doc Powell is a Grammy-nominated guitarist who has built a legacy as a musical chameleon. His signature guitar sound has been featured in over 140 recordings by some of the premier stars in pop, R&B, jazz, and gospel music; a critically-acclaimed gospel project; and ten top-charting contemporary jazz solo projects with guest appearances by some of the genre’s biggest artists.


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