Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip

featuring Walter Beasley's "Expressway"

Known today as one of the world’s major resort and gambling cities, Las Vegas has long specialized in offering adult entertainment. For much of Vegas’s early history as a railroad boomtown, gambling (and alcohol, under Prohibition) was illegal in the State of Nevada. That was only a minor setback, however: gaming was still active on a small scale in the city’s many speakeasies.

Recognizing opportunity in the influx of workers arriving to construct the Hoover Dam, Nevada legalized gambling and Las Vegas’ most famous industry took off. In only a few decades, Vegas had eclipsed the West’s other resort towns (like Galveston, Texas) and become known for its casinos, restaurants, and live entertainment.

Today, Las Vegas is bigger than ever, and has a population that grows significantly each year. New megaresorts, including many seen in this video, populate the Vegas Strip and offer leisure on an unprecedented scale. Visitors who prefer to stay away from the flashing lights and excitement of Sin City’s more chaotic avenues can spend the day at a relaxing spa or at one of the city’s shopping outlets.

Walter Beasley is a contemporary jazz saxophonist and a full professor at Boston’s Berklee School of Music. Beasley is influenced by R&B and, also a singer, has sometimes been compared to Grover Washington, Jr. Beasley has sold more recordings than any other full-time college professor.


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