Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

featuring Acoustic Alchemy's "Catalina Kiss"

Sitting on the border of California and Nevada, the two-million-year-old Lake Tahoe has been recognized for its beauty since before the country’s westward expansion. Early pioneers, like the Indians at the site before them, were impressed by the calming lake and within a few decades, the site had become a favorite vacation destination for wealthy western families.

Today, the shores of Lake Tahoe host a large resort culture of hotels, casinos, and ski lodges. These attractions are kept just far enough from the lake as to not damage the pristine beauty of the lake, which attracts countless boaters each year. Those who haven’t seen Lake Tahoe in person yet better hurry– the lake will be completely filled in with sediment in about three million years.

Acoustic Alchemy is a smooth jazz group from London. Originally a duo of acoustic guitarists, the band has expanded and renewed itself over the decades to accommodate artistic choices and lineup changes. Now a group that mixes genres, styles, and influences, Acoustic Alchemy is a favorite adult contemporary and new age act.


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