Shanghai, China (Huangpu Riverfront)

Shanghai, China (Riverfront at Day)

featuring Bob James' "The Magic Paintbrush"

Old and new come together along Shanghai’s Huangpu Riverfront. The Bund, a historic district with a limit on building heights, sits opposite the Pudong district, full of towering skyscrapers and commercial development.

These skyscrapers are symbolic of Shanghai’s modern economic prosperity as the commerce capital of mainland China. Visitors and residents fatigued by the city’s booming activities can find relaxation in city parks such as the Lujiazui Central Green, featured in this video.

Bob James is recognized for his role in establishing smooth jazz music. His influence on the genre is unmatched and extends into hip-hop, where his work is often sampled. A keyboardist, James may be best known for “Angela,” the theme from the TV show Taxi. This eScapes video features a reworking of “Angela” in, appropriately, a traditional Chinese music style from James’ album, Angels of Shanghai.


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