Colca Canyon, Peru

Colca Canyon, Peru

featuring Dave Koz's "Castle of Dreams"

Peru’s Colca Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world, is home to extraordinary geological and biological diversity. Twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, the Colca area is home to a desert landscape, rolling hills, stepped gardens, steep cliffs, and the Colca River.

Cacti and aloe plants thrive on the landscape. Birdwatchers are drawn to the canyon for the Andean condor, one of the world’s largest birds, drawn to the currents of warm air rising from the canyon.

Dave Koz is a smooth jazz saxophonist who has released over a dozen albums in his 20-year solo career. He is also a radio host on the Smooth Jazz Radio Network and of the syndicated Dave Koz Radio Show. Koz is also the founder of Rendezvous Records.


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