Columbia River Gorge

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

featuring Chris Standring's "C.S. in the Sunrise"

The Columbia River Gorge along the Washington/Oregon border is home to many great natural sights. Even away from well-known landmarks like Multnomah Falls and Mt. Adams, the general beauty of the region is engaging and a wonder on its own.

This eScapes video tracks the aptly-named sternwheeler Columbia Gorge riverboat as it paddles through the heart of the gorge, dwarfed by the forested Cascade Mountains. Also visible is the “Bridge of the Gods,” a cantilever bridge spanning the river. This bridge is named after a land bridge that once crossed nearby and is a prominent part of local American Indian legend.

Chris Standring is a jazz guitarist who has distinguished himself in the contemporary jazz realm with adventurous, lyrical compositions leavened with pure-pop perfection, dazzling guitar solos and thick beats. Though predominately influenced by jazz, Standring has expanded his sound with rock, blues, R&B and electronic elements.


Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
Columbia River Gorge Visitors Association
Portland Spirit River Cruises: The Columbia Gorge
Chris Standring Official Site

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