Dixboro General Store, Michigan

Dixboro, Michigan

featuring Ken Navarro's "Something She Said"

While Dixboro, Michigan might not be a city on the list of great American tourist destinations, its small town charm, scenic beauty, and nostalgic atmosphere make it enchanting to any visitor who happens to pass through.

Sprouting from the lone vision and finances of Boston ship captain John Dix, the proper Village of Dixboro consists of only a handful of acres on the outskirts of Ann Arbor. In the 1820s, Dix built the area’s first barn and established a saw and grist mill in his new settlement.

When the incoming railroad bypassed Dixboro in favor of nearby Ypsilanti, however, the growth of Dixboro slowed and John Dix left for Texas. Now a quaint community known for its friendly, happy atmosphere, the modern highlight of the village is the Dixboro General Store, specializing in country furniture and accessories.

Ken Navarro is an award-winning contemporary jazz guitarist. His impressive discography of nineteen top charting albums showcases his appeal to a wide range of listeners with inspiring compositions and superb guitar performances.


Dixboro General Store
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