Lima, Peru (Costa Verde)

Lima, the capital and largest city of Peru, is situated in a unique physical environment. Despite its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, this South American city is located entirely in a desert, making it the world’s second-largest desert city (after Cairo). The interaction of the ocean and the land creates an interesting climate. Lima is usually cloaked in fog or clouds, and the temperature remains in the 60-70 degree range year-round even though it is a tropical desert region.

This eScapes video features Lima’s Costa Verde and one of its common sights: paragliders. The cliffs on the coast provide updrafts ideal for paragliding for those looking for the thrill– or relaxation– of flight.

Candy Dulfer has been a performing saxophonist since the age of seven and was nominated for a Grammy by age nineteen. A frequent performer with rock, pop, and jazz performers, most notably Prince, Dulfer’s self-led albums can often be found at the top of jazz charts worldwide.


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