Los Angeles, California

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Underneath the bustle of Los Angeles, the second-largest city in the United States, is a strong creative pulse. Los Angeles has been the worldwide capital of film production since the early 1900s, and about one-sixth of the city’s 3.8 million people work in the arts. On any drive through the city, you are never too far from a concert hall, movie theater, or sound stage.

Viewing the sprawling city and its impressive downtown skyline from afar, it’s hard to imagine the city’s humble beginnings as a missionary settlement in the 18th century. Whereas railroads and oil drove much of its past growth, the city is now fueled by its efforts in finance, technology, and media.

One of the city’s notable historical buildings is the iconic city hall. Once the tallest building in L.A., City Hall lost that title in 1968, but its and white masonry and art deco architecture still stand out in a field of modern steel-and-glass buildings.

Marion Meadows is a smooth jazz saxophonist and composer. Skilled with both the tenor and soprano saxophones, Meadows has collaborated with jazz and pop greats including Bob James, The Temptations, and Michael Bolton. He has also released solo albums since 1990.


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