Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne is one of Switzerland’s largest cities and most popular tourist destinations. Centered in the center of the country on the Reuss River, Lucerne is known for the Chapel Bridge, a wooden footbridge built in 1333. Unfortunately, much of the bridge has been reconstructed since 1993, when it was gutted by a fire alleged to have started from a discarded cigarette.

This eScapes scene brings you an afternoon view of the Chapel Bridge and its Water Tower, a building that houses dozens of paintings that recall events from Lucerne’s history. In centuries past, it was also used as a treasury, library, prison, and torture chamber.

Also featured in this video is Lucerne’s Jesuit Church, another famous city landmark that dates back to 1666.

Herbie Russ is a Michigan native and an accomplished saxophonist, keyboardist, vocalist, producer, and songwriter. His melodic style combines smooth jazz, urban contemporary, and pop music, and his performances can often be seen across Michigan and beyond.


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