Machu Picchu

Few South American archaeological sites are as stunning as Peru’s Machu Picchu. In the middle of a mountain forest nearly 8,000 feet above sea level, this Inca city uses natural materials to create an aesthetic harmony with its natural surroundings.

This site was one of the last sanctuaries for the Inca Empire as it fell to Spanish colonialism. In fact, the Spaniards were never able to find Machu Picchu and it remained hidden until 1911. As a result, it is a notably intact archaeological site although it is threatened by increasing tourism and commercial infiltration.

Outside the city, the tranquil Andes Mountains are home to a variety of interesting wildlife, including Peru’s famous llamas. A pair of these llamas is featured at the end of this sample video. Additional wildlife can be seen in the full version of this scene, now airing on the eScapes Television Network.

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