Niagara Falls (American Falls)

The United States-Canada border is the longest national border in the world, but the most dramatic spot on it must be the famous Niagara Falls. A set of three waterfalls– the Horseshoe, American, and Bridal Veil Falls– the Niagara Falls may be the most well-known waterfall in the world, although it’s not special for its size as much as its accessibility.

Plenty of taller and more voluminous waterfalls exist in the world, but none allow visitors to get as close to them so easily. Niagara Falls is extremely tourist-friendly. Opportunities on both sides of the border allow visitors to experience the falls from every angle, whether from their base on the famous Maid of the Mist tour boat or from the top floor of a nearby casino.

About 750,000 gallons of water flow over Niagara Falls each second. As impressive as that is, the falls have taken a loss from the commercial development that has made it a household name: 1.2 million additional gallons per second are diverted from the falls to generate hydroelectric power.

This eScapes video focuses on the flow of Niagara’s American Falls section, complete with a rainbow. The skyline of Niagara Falls, New York can be seen in the background.

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