Portland, Oregon River Ride

The 187-mile-long Willamette River runs through downtown Portland, Oregon, where it is spanned by eleven bridges. Many of these bridges hold world records or set records when constructed. The Steel Bridge, featured in this scene, is the second-oldest vertical-lift bridge in the world– second only to the Hawthorne Bridge a little farther downriver.

In this video, eScapes takes you on a late-afternoon ride down the river from the Broadway Bridge past the double-lift Steel Bridge. Sitting in the channel are the Korean freighter Eastern Queen and the Italian Michele Bottiglieri, reminders of Portland’s role as an aptly-named port city.

Euge Groove is a smooth jazz saxophonist who has lent his talent to recordings and tours from dozens of artists including Elton John, Tina Turner, Bonnie Raitt, Huey Lewis, and Rick Braun. Since his solo debut in 2000, his contemporary funk/jazz style has made him one of the best-selling contemporary jazz artists.


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