Rome may be the most important city that has ever been built. The capital of an empire that controlled the entire Mediterranean region, most of Europe, and significant parts of Asia, Rome’s influence on the fundamentals of Western civilization is unmatched. Western language, art, religion, government, architecture, medicine, and much more are all rooted in Roman innovation.

Many Rome sights featured in this eScapes scene hint at the civilization’s cultural legacy. This eScapes scene features the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, the Minerveo obelisk, an iconic Roman arched bridge, and the ruins of the Roman Forum, the former center of Roman democracy.

Boney James is a saxophonist who, despite his resistance to being labeled as strictly a jazz artist, was named the “No. 3 Top Contemporary Jazz Artist of the Decade” by Billboard Magazine in 2010. Influenced by many genres including R&B, James is a three-time Grammy-nominee who has sold more than three million records.


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St. Peter’s Basilica
Boney James

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