Seattle at Night

This beautiful night view of Seattle might only be outdone by the view from the top of the famous Space Needle, prominent in the skyline. Built for the 1962 World’s Fair, the Space Needle was designed to have a futuristic Space Age theme. This design is reflected in tower’s “flying saucer” top and even in the names the builders gave to its paint– names like “Re-entry Red” and “Galaxy Gold.”

On the nearby Elliott Bay, ferries transport people to and from suburbs separated from Seattle by the many waterways of the Puget Sound. Elliott Bay is also a popular route for dinner and entertainment cruises.

Paul Hardcastle is an English musician who crosses genres with his synthesizer compositions. Predominately a jazz artist, Hardcastle has released instrumental pop and new wave recordings. He may be best known for his electronic dance hits “Rain Forest” and “19,” a reflection on the Vietnam War. Hardcastle also releases albums under the name “Jazzmasters.”

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