Bangkok, Thailand (Chao Phraya River)

Like most great cities, Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is situated on a great river: the Chao Phraya, which runs 231 miles from the center of the country into the Gulf of Thailand.

On a typical afternoon, the waters of the Chao Phraya are bustling with boat traffic. Ferries, river buses, and traditional longtail water taxis connect the two sides of Bangkok while freight barges move cargo up and down the river.

The banks of the Chao Phraya are home to relatively sparse but impressive skyscrapers. Prominently featured in this eScapes video are the three towers of the Chatrium Riverside hotel and residence, where a 1248-square-foot condominium sells for about $300,000. The towers are part of a recent development boom along the river, away from the busier districts of Bangkok.

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