Old Presque Isle Lighthouse

Michigan’s Old Presque Isle Lighthouse was first lit on Lake Huron in 1840 to mark a natural harbor important to Great Lakes steamships. In the early 19th century, the harbor was a refuge for ships escaping storms and a source of wood for ship engines.

Years later, the lighthouse was deemed an insufficient aid to ships and a New Presque Isle Lighthouse was built at the opposite end of the same peninsula. Additionally, a pair of range lights was added to the harbor entrance. Now a public park and museum, visitors can view a restoration of the keeper’s house, learn about the site’s history, climb the original tower, and, of course, tell ghost stories (Old Presque Isle Light is rumored to be haunted).

Adam Haines is a solo piano instrumentalist. “Erin’s Poem,” featured in this episode, is from his first commercially available album, Divine Whispers.


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