eScapes Prepares for The Cable Show


New Hybrid Radio/Television Network Exhibiting At The Cable Show 2011

MONROE, MICHIGAN, June 9, 2011 – Final preparations are underway at The eScapes Network headquarters in downtown Monroe for next week’s annual Cable Show in Chicago June 13– 16. “We’re very excited to be exhibiting at the show this year,” said Robert Oklejas, Chairman of the Board of the eScapes Network. “The Cable Show is our first large-scale opportunity to show the decision makers within the cable industry just how unique and appealing the eScapes Network is as a content provider.”

Since going live on Buckeye Cable System in Northwest Ohio just three weeks ago, the network has been approached by numerous system operators inquiring about how they can carry the network. “It is really astounding that as we were working to be sure our signal to Buckeye was clean and all systems were operating properly, technical people at head-ends and stations around the country were seeing our programming on the satellite and calling us to inquire about attaining our feed,” said Jon Oswald, General Manager of the eScapes Network. “As of today we have four new contracts for carriage pending. After Chicago, when operators have had the chance to really watch the network and learn about our business plan, I expect that number to be significantly higher.”

The Cable Show 2011 will be held at Chicago’s McCormick Center and attendance is expected to exceed 13,000. “The people who attend this show are the industry leaders in the cable business” said Mr. Oklejas. “We’re putting our best foot forward since the CEOs of Time Warner, Comcast, Cablevision, and more are all walking around taking in what’s new in programming and technology. Collectively, the show represents nearly 200 million cable households. Not to mention that our booth is #913 and our neighbor, the Oprah Winfrey Network, is in booth #1013.”

“Looking at the 271 exhibitors for the show, there are only four new networks being represented,” said Mr. Oswald. “Two are international sports, one is a Spanish network, and then there’s us, who’ve created a whole new category: hybrid radio/television.”

“We’ve got a new display booth, media kits, handouts, and more,” added Mr. Oklejas, “but the only sales tools we really need are the giant flat screens displaying our shows. Once you’ve seen eScapes, you get it. There’s no need for a lot of explanations.”

Brilliant in concept, colors, scenery and music, eScapes is designed to relax and calm viewers from the frantic pace and histrionic nature of today’s broadcasting. Headquartered in Monroe, Michigan the network is available on the Galaxy 16 Satellite providing programming content for HD digital channels and cable MSOs.

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