ProMedica Health System and The eScapes Network Launch Nation’s First Large Private Television Network

Delivering a Private Therapeutic & Branding TV Health & Communications Network MONROE, MICHIGAN, February 25, 2015 – eScapes Network LLC and ProMedica, a not-for-profit healthcare organization in Toledo, Ohio entered into an agreement in which eScapes will create a Private Television Network (PTN) and a digital message board platform to effectively deliver the Network’s proven Therapeutic Television content, ProMedica’s branding and educational messaging along with Public Service announcements across their health system. eScapes will install approximately 300 PTN systems in ProMedica’s hospitals, remote medical facilities and doctor’s offices. eScapes Network’s CEO, Roy Radakovich said, “ProMedica’s year-long partnering search was a very careful and thorough process due to the importance of the their Corporate Branding Strategy coupled

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Michigan Dental Association and The eScapes Network Launch MDA Private Television Network

Branded Therapeutic Television – Health Education – Communications Platform MONROE, MICHIGAN, February 25, 2015 – A new alliance between eScapes Network LLC and Michigan Dental Association (MDA) will aid in reducing the stress commonly associated with dental appointments. Patients will find their visits to participating dentists help them relax and learn more about oral health. The two organizations entered into license, service, and end user agreements in which eScapes and the MDA are creating a statewide MDA Television Network, featuring eScapes’ patented Therapeutic Television content. In addition, the programming contains dental practice branding, digital advertising, educational and health messaging along with Public Service announcements. Participating MDA Members receive exclusive pricing, co-branding benefits with the MDA, and

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Private Television Network Brings Relaxing Atmosphere to Business

The eScapes Network Launches an Innovative New Product and Service MONROE, MICHIGAN, March 1, 2013 — Michigan-based TV network eScapes is offering a Private Television Network (PTN) to businesses to help foster a relaxing atmosphere. The eScapes Network is a TV network that specializes in relaxation television, pairing beautiful scenery from around the world with beautiful music. This programming now forms the basis of a Private Television Network that is available to businesses. More information on eScapes PTN Continue Reading Full News Story

eScapes Announces Daytime Programming Change

‘Midday Getaway’ with Nationally Syndicated Radio Host Sandy Kovach MONROE, MICHIGAN, December 10, 2012 – The only cable television network offering US-patented Hybrid Radio/Television announced the premiere of “Midday Getaway with Sandy Kovach,” airing daily from 10 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday. Midday Getaway is a positive, uplifting program designed to engage and inform viewers. Fans of the show can email, tweet, post on Facebook, or call the live audio studio with music and artist requests or comments and feedback. “I’m so happy to be a part of this amazing endeavor. No one else is doing anything like eScapes!” said Sandy Kovach, “I’m getting to share great music with people in a whole new

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eScapes Launches New Primetime Program, “After Dark with Johnny Williams”

National Radio Legend Goes Primetime MONROE, MICHIGAN, November 26, 2012 – The eScapes Network introduces “After Dark with Johnny Williams,” a new evening program featuring the captivating music selections and rich voice of nationally known on-air personality, Johnny Williams. After Dark broadcasts daily from the eScapes live audio studio from 7 pm to midnight, Monday through Friday. The video showcases sunsets and evening scenes of island beaches, cityscapes, nature and more. Fans of WNIC’s ‘Pillow Talk’ or XM Radio can now find Williams on the nation’s only US-patented Hybrid Radio/Television Network. “I’m very excited by this unique opportunity,” said Williams, “combining HD video with my favorite song selections is the best of both worlds!” Continue Reading

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eScapes Celebrates 1000th Episode

eScapes Celebrates 1000th Episode

MONROE, MICHIGAN, May 16, 2012 – On the one year anniversary of its launch on Buckeye CableSystem Channel 168 in Northwest Ohio, The eScapes Network completed its 1000th episode! “This is a proud accomplishment,” said Jon Oswald, General Manager at eScapes. “Our videographers supply us with extraordinary HD video footage to work with and our dedicated post-production team consistently delivers quality programming every day.” The milestone episode is “Umhlanga Beach,” KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa premiering Monday, May 21st on After Five at 5:15 pm (Eastern time). Exotic in name and location, our 1000th episode gives viewers a glimpse of beach life and seaside paradise just north of Durban. Continue Reading Full News Story

eScapes Network USA deploys Cinegy technologies

In the lead-up to the 2012 National Association of Broadcasters Show, Cinegy has published the following article on The eScapes Network, including an interview with President & Chairman of the Board Robert Oklejas: Munich March 12th 2012– A start up launched in 2010, eScapes Network LLC founders quickly realized that the task to choose an Automation system for broadcasting may be even a more difficult task then launching a TV channel itself. Following a 3 month long search and evaluation period that included analog, hybrid and digital solutions, eScapes decided that a Cinegy solution was the way to go. Cinegy sits down with Robert Oklejas President of eScapes Network LLC to learn more about eScapes as

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U.S. Patent Office Approves Hybrid Radio Television

The eScapes Network and its President and Chairman of the Board, Robert A. Oklejas, received news that the Hybrid Radio Television (HRT) Therapeutic Benefit System patent, along with its twenty four (24) claims, was approved on Friday, February 3. Mr. Oklejas submitted his US and International patent application in February 2006. The patent is significant. It supports opportunities for the eScapes Network to expand revenues from licensing HRT content, increasing the value of the company, developing joint ventures, and/or joint marketing for much needed therapeutic technology in the health care industry. Continue Reading Full News Story

eScapes Reaches Agreement with Caribbean Cable Cooperative

The eScapes Network and the Caribbean Cable Cooperative, Ltd reached an agreement offering eScapes programming for the first time to the cooperative and its more than 40 participating members, representing 50 cable companies in 23 countries across the Caribbean and Atlantic basin. The co-op negotiates directly with television networks on behalf of its Members and that saves them considerable time and legal expense. Continue Reading Full News Story

eScapes Announces “No Repeat Week”

The eScapes Network, beginning Monday, January 9, 2012, will not repeat episodes between 6:00 am-1:00 am each week. Also debuting with this new schedule is an hour-long daypart, “eScapes Presents,” designed to showcase some of the network’s best episodes on a single subject each night in prime time. Responding to a challenge to keep eScapes Network content fresh and interesting, Robert A. Oklejas, President and Chairman of the Board of eScapes said, “Our production department has stepped up to the challenge and created ‘no repeat week.’ Our content is amazing by itself, but coupled with no repeating episodes for the entire week means that our channel continues to maximize viewer satisfaction.” Continue Reading Full News Story