New eScapes Network Combines HD Images with Radio


Hybrid Radio/TV Network “eScapes” goes live February 2011

MONROE, MICHIGAN, January 7, 2011 – When your favorite radio station is on TV and your TV becomes an HD window to the world with a soundtrack you never want to turn off, you’re experiencing eScapes. Available in February 2011 to cable operators and HD broadcast stations across North America, eScapes is an HD satellite network already drawing considerable attention from the travel, music and broadcasting industries.

“I think this is a game changer,” said Chuck Kratz, travel expert and WJR radio host, after viewing eScapes. “When you see these incredible worldwide destinations in HD without a constant narrative, you begin to experience those destinations as if you are actually there, and that’s what’s going to sell cruises and exotic vacations.”

eScapes is not a typical network and Robert Oklejas, the CEO and creator of eScapes, is far from your typical network executive. A Michigan State University graduate and successful entrepreneur, Mr. Oklejas co-founded Pump Engineering in 1986 and became its president in 1996. Pump Engineering produced energy recovery turbopumps reverse osmosis desalination plants for clients worldwide. While watching Great Lakes freighters sail by his window during a relaxing vacation, the idea for eScapes came to him. He worked on the concept for nearly a decade until he sold his Monroe, Michigan based company last year, giving him the time to launch eScapes in earnest, purchasing the latest broadcast and production technology and recruiting experienced media professionals.

Fifteen-minute themed modules shot by video artists around the globe include minimal edits, slow zooms, and pans of vistas ranging from lighthouses and cityscapes to ships at sea and tropical beaches, all scored with a soundtrack that invites you to crank up the volume while cranking down your own stress.

“We have the best of both TV and radio in eScapes” said Alexander Zonjic, renowned jazz flutist and eScapes creative director. “Robert has an incredible vision. As soon as I saw the initial eScapes presentation I wanted to be involved.  The music is as important as the videography. You can have this on 24/7 as background or to watch and listen. It’s amazing.”

Brilliant in concept, colors, scenery and music, eScapes is designed to relax and calm viewers from the frantic pace and histrionic nature of today’s broadcasting. Headquartered in Monroe, Michigan, the network is available on the Galaxy 16 Satellite providing programming content for HD digital channels and cable MSOs.

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